About Us

Ready for a website?

NRG Networks, Inc is a company that educates, innovates and creates internet business strategies and websites for small to large businesses.

I would like to thank you and your staff at NRG Networks for the exceptional services and support in regards to our various Michael Jordan's restaurant web sites. It's nice to get someone on the phone that can help you with a problem and is always looking to please. Keep up the good work!

Peter Klein,
Corner-stone Management

With over a decade in the internet business, NRG has been there since the start.

You are most likely reading this because you have a want or a need to involve your business with the Internet or update a current website. The first question most people have is "Does this company have the experience, skills and personality that are best suited for my needs?" and the second question is usually "How much is this going to cost?" We have addressed these issues and several more that you will find helpful.


A wise man once said "experience is a great thing because it allows you to recognize a mistake before making it again." NRG has over 3000 clients that range in size from "mom and pop" shops right up to The Hospital of Central Connecticut and Save The Children. Every project that is developed by the NRG team is a compilation of past experience and new innovative techniques that create solutions for the particular needs of each client.

No single project can define what NRG Networks is capable of, we are always changing and growing with technology and we strive for new challenges that will educate and enhance our creative minds. These statements are more than words, we truly believe in these concepts and we love what we do. Providing our customers with better results than anticipated is just a by-product of a team of people doing what they love to do. Working with NRG Networks will awaken your passion for success.


Another wise man once said that "if someone says that the price is too much, what they are really saying is that they do not see the value in what you are offering." NRG is a B-to-B business and we have seen of all the fancy ways to disguise the word "cost" or "price" so that it doesn't sound like a bad thing. After being in business this long, we realized that people who are trying to hide these words don't truly believe that their product or service is of value. Our pricing model is based on time and quality.

We are a service business and we bill our customers for the amount of time we use to service them. This time is logged and recorded daily to be sure that we have accurate records. As a client, you will be informed of the estimated time required to complete your project prior to the actual development. This will give you an opportunity to determine the value of the project to your business.

The only way for a good development company to quote you an accurate price is to have a site map and site specification in front of them at that time. If you were to ramble off all of the items you wanted in your website and then asked for a price, you would most likely receive an inflated amount as the estimate. NRG Networks has not and will not do business this way. We feel that the price we give you is of the best value for what you will receive from us.

We are proud of the fact that when we give you a quote, you can be sure that you will not go over budget if you stay on track with the site map and site spec. We are so sure of this that we will guarantee this in writing. So before you start shopping around for a development company, be sure to have a defined site map and site specification in hand so you can compare "apples to apples."

There can be a vast difference in the hourly pricing scale from one development company to the next, so your best move is to make sure you have a definite understanding and a written specification of what you will receive on "completion". NRG can assist you in developing a site map and site specification so you can get off to a professional start.

NRG Networks also has Authorized Partners in locations across the country. You can be sure that you will receive the same quality service through them as well. NRG Networks corporate office will not sell for less than our Authorized Partners, so you can put your trust in us to do what is best for you, our customer.