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E-Commerce Development

What is E-Commerce?

Most any transaction done online is an example of E-Commerce. Whether you're picking up baby clothes at Sozo or donating to the Hospital of Central Connecticut, you're involved in E-Commerce. Any site with a shopping cart can be considered an E-Commerce site. It's as simple as that. If you're ready to start selling items on your website whether they be concert tickets or canned olives, we can help.

What's involved in an E-Commerce site?

It all starts with your website, even if it's not built yet. We plan the flow of your product display to allow your site visitors the best access to your products and show them in their best light. Most sites follow the same basic framework: category, sub-category, product. Some smaller ones skip the sub-category step and some larger ones need more steps. Either way, we work to keep the click count down so your user can go right from an idea to your product to a purchase.

An example of the three-step product category display could go as follows:

    Sports Flags   >   College Teams   >   UConn Flag

"Sports Flags" here represents the category while "College Teams" represents the sub-category and, lastly, "UConn Flag" would be the product.

What you end up with is generally three template pages, one for each level, that calls a list of relevant products or categories from your website's databased based on the link a user clicks on. When your site visitor clicks "University Plaques", your site knows to show them all items that exist in your database related to university plaques.

In addition to this, we build you a shopping cart, which is really nothing more than a series of pages that collects user billing and shipping information and lets you know what they ordered - both in your email and your admin area.

Secure Site Isses and Credit Cards

It doesn't end there. We take care of connecting your website with a payment gateway, should you choose to use one, to enable your site to process credit cards and other forms or payment. Should you choose to be your own gateway, we can help you with that as well.

Additionaly, to ensure that the information your visitors provide is protected, we purchase and set up an SSL certificate for your website. This is generally what brings up the little lock in the web browser, letting the user know you have a secure site. It does this by validating your company's information then encrypting information passsed through your site. It also adds a level of trust to your website that is very important in online shopping - or e-commerce.

In short, we'll do the legwork, we just need to know what you want.