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Dynamic and Static Website Pages

Dynamic Pages

A dynamic website page is generally one that reads its content from a database or something similar. It can be a single page that has mostly static content, but bears a paragraph that the website manager can change from their admin area or an events list that is similarly updated.

It can also be a dynamically created page as one can usually see in a shopping cart. How this works is that there is one template page that sets out the format for the information to come. This page takes an the identification number (id) that is passed to it from the page that links to it and fills its template with all the content associated with that id. If a different link is clicked, the same page can fill itself with different content relating to the new id that is given to it.

These types of pages are better for frequently changing content.

Static Pages

A static page is simple. It is any web page that has the content right on it. This content is not changed by a back-end database. It is changed manually through direct access to the website file.

These types of pages are better for content that doesn't change much.