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What is Flash?

Silly question? Perhaps. Most people who have been to more than a couple websites will have seen sites that move. Sometimes it's a slideshow of product images or an introductory sales video clip. Other times, it's a an animated logo, a news ticker, or that little bit of seamless transition you see at the opening of a page. While not the only option for these events, Flash is likely the most popular because its player works well for both PC and Mac users and, whether they know it or not, many users have installed it into their browsers.

Essentially, Flash is an animation program capable of many wonders. Its player (the, well, Flash Player) is a small piece of software that works hand in hand with your browser to allow you to view extra events within websites that use it - our homepage for example. You would have been asked the download this player the first time you visit a page with Flash content and, chances are, you probably did. If not, you can find it at Adobe's site.

Why would I want Flash on my site?

In other words, what can Flash do for you? While we generally do not recommend a full Flash site for accessibility reasons, we often suggest an integration of a small area of Flash within a site, a Flashlet, if you will. The purpose of this piece varies as much as the purpose of a website. Below are just a few of the possibilities.

Are you trying to sell something?

We can construct a professional slideshow that seamlessly integrates into your site and quickly allows viewers to see all the products you offer at a glance, even allowing them to control the action so they never miss something interesting.

Are you offering a service that you need to explain quickly?

A small Flashlet at the intro of your site can direct the viewer's eye directly to your logo and associate it with a few key phrases are what your company is all about.

Other Reasons

You want your site to feel...