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Our Services Co-Location

What is Co-Location?

Co-Location service is chosen when you retain ownership of the appliances or server and just require a location to house them, provide internet connectivity, and uninterrupted power.

NRG Hosting Facility Specifics:

Server Rooms

Redundant server rooms are set up with independent cooling, security and fire systems. Anti-static flooring and complete smoke tight rooms were established. A controlled environment was established to protect the integrity of the units housed there.

Cooling and Humidity

Redundant Precision Air Conditioning systems with separate humidity control systems are installed in the server rooms that the co-located machines are located in. Room temperature is regulated within 2 degrees and Humidity with in 2% of established "optimal settings".

internet Connection Failure

The Primary internet connection is a sonnet Fiber ring with Cox communications with 2 separate fiber feeds coming in from the street level, into a Cisco router. A back up internet connection is in place and operating from Qwest Communications, entering the building by a different conduit, coming in on copper lines and into a second Cisco Router. Router BGP Version 4 and HSRP control the traffic pattern between the 2 routers. This backup connection will be used for short term outages. Long term outages, by established protocol, dictate that the website hosting location be switched to a Cox long term hosting facility.

Loss of Electrical Service

The Co-Located machines are protected by Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) for momentary outages and surges from the power company. If an electrical outage lasts longer then 3 minutes, and automatic transfer switch will start the backup generators and switch electrical draw to the generator service until normal electrical power is restored. These generators are run on natural gas to insure that no manual intervention will be required. In the event of a natural gas interruption, generators are able to be brought online with canisters of propane that are set up to be delivered within a 3-5 hour window.