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Planning the purpose of your website is the first step you should take, even before you look at its development. Too often a company will jump into the building process before analyzing what this website is supposed to accomplish. We follow this look before you leap formula:

Once you have the answers to these questions, you should create a site map and a site specification.

A website map is a graphical representation of the proposed website. This usually indicates the pages that will be used and the basic navigational path. This helps the developer get a good idea of the size and scope of the project.

A website specification is a written representation of the proposed website. This will specify all of the pages and internal workings of the website. There will also be a more close attention to details in this specification. The main purpose of the site specification is to define the internal structure of the website as well as the defined purpose of various sections.

You can develop a website without these tools, but if you are serious about being profitable and not going over budget, you really need to do this part of the planning. We compare this portion to someone building a house without a blueprint. You will always get better results when you have a plan and a defined goal. NRG Networks specializes in the creation of site maps and site specifications


A good website is never complete. It should always be growing with your company. In order to create a website that can grow with your business you must utilize several areas of development. These areas are as follows: