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Website Programming / Database Development

The programming of your website is likely something you will never see unless it breaks. Behind the scenes, code tailored to your website's purpose can open up an administrative area that allows you to edit some or all of the content of your site to provide you with maximum control (and no need to wait for updates). It can also automate several common web site tasks to take the burden of updating off of your hands. Which type you have (or which combination of elements) depends upon your preference and your website's needs.

The Possibilities

The Process

During your initial site needs discussion, all aspects you envision within your site will be discussed to determine the best possible way to implement them. Security, ease of use, and budget are always considered. If your website contains elements that need to be programmed they will be written out in your proposal. The steps following your first meeting are generally as follows:

We work hard to be sure we understand what you'd like the programmed elements of your web site to do before we begin programming your site and its database to eliminate the need for re-programming. We will take the time to sit down and address all questions (whether they are your questions for us or our questions for you) before the work begins. For example, we may ask what fields you would like in a form or what pieces of information you would like to display on a product page so we know how to craft our behind-the-scenes database for your web site. You might ask us exactly what capabilities you would have once the work is completed or if a certain display, an event list for example, can be made to show in a certain way (alphabetically, by date, with images...). All work is error tested before it comes to you for approval so for the most part, aside from possibly your new ability to access your content, by design you won't even know it's there.

When the programming is complete, if you've chosen site elements that you would control, you will be presented with an administration area with your own username and password. Upon logging it, you will find everything you can edit on your site at your fingertips, presented in an as easy-to-use fashion as possible for your site needs. Often there will be two separate admin areas: one for testing and a final one once the site goes live.

How It Works - The Simple Version

The quick and easy explanation is that code written on your site interacts with a spreadsheet-like table in a database to produce results you request of it. Through your admin area you can ask the database to add an item to a list, delete an item, or edit it. You can request a list from the database that will display all items of a certain kind. It's similar to doing a search, but instead of searching websites, you are searching data behind the scenes. Of course, all of this requesting and searching is done for you. All you need to do is open the right page.

The Technical Specs

To continue maintaing speed with the changing web demands, we have transitioned our programming style to use primiarily the C# flavor of ASP.Net 2.0 in conjuction with the latest SQL Server database system. This combination has proven itself to be a stable, more versatile step up from Classic ASP though we can work with either depending on your site needs.