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NRGWare is an intranet "software" that will perform lead prospecting, sales tracking, production, distribution, inventory, time tracking, project management, human resources, calendars, scheduling, company policy and procedures, follow-up task manager, personal notes, contact information, communication logs, manager reports, vendor lists and anything else that you could dream up.

This is NOT an "off the shelf" modular product. This is a 100% customized system that will be created to run your business exactly the way you want it to be. Little to no training will be necessary for your staff because our goal is to make your system "idiot proof".

Necessity is the mother of invention

NRGware is an Intranet based system that will run your company from any location via your network or the internet. NRGware was created because we had a need for a "software" that would be able to run our website development company the way we intended it to be done.

Our search began with "off the shelf" project/job management software packages. Though many of these "solutions" had great promise, the struggle to adapt them to fit our business was complicated and time consuming. We found ourselves forcing these "boxed" software's to perform functions they really were not meant to do. It also limited the types of detailed reports we could run. After the many hours of adaptation, we now had to train everyone to use it the proper way. Then we had to try and figure a way for our sales management software to communicate with this software after a sale was made. This created double and sometimes triple data entry for a single client.

After several years of frustration and wasted money we decided to create a customized "software" that would just have the functions we wanted with no extra "bells and whistles" that we would never use. We only implemented the project management functions we needed. After adding up all of the lost time and money we determined that custom development was the way to go. Our cost was recuperated in triplicate within the first year. We reduced our payroll by $100,000.00 a year by implementing our new customized Intranet system. We can now access all of our business data from any location in the world with a simple internet connection.

How it works:

NRGware specialists will interview your company with our in-depth scoping process. This exercise will define the step-by-step processes that take place in your company during the course of business. No matter what process you have in place, NRGware will be able to log and track this data in the easiest way possible. No more hunting through drop down menus and searching help files.

Every one of your departments will have exactly what they need to use and nothing more. This will make your staff much happier and reduce the chaos dramatically. Your management team will have the exact report they need at their fingertips at all times. No need to pay a staff member to "run the numbers" because they are always up to date and just a "click" away.

Because NRGware resides on a server and you own the code when we complete it:

The Bottom Line

If you implement an NRGware Intranet in your company, you will free your company and you of wasted time. This will also increase productivity and allow you to work on growing your business. If you would like to have a meeting and see some examples of our work, please contact us at 203-699-1144. We do not go into more depth on this website because we believe if you are serious about improving your business you will require specific answers that can only be delivered through a verbal conversation.

Please don't call and ask for "literature" to be sent out. We do not send literature because this aspect of our business was created by accident and has "snowballed" into a huge success with zero marketing and advertising. The product sells itself and we are very busy, so we only are interested in serious inquiries at this time. We promise to dedicate ourselves to your company's success, we ask that you do the same for us.