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Flash Integration

Mahler Realty Advisors
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Flash Integration

Company: Mahler Realty is a local real estate firm in Waterbury, CT specializing in rentals

Target: Potential renters.

Challenge: Create a clean, welcoming, professional site to bring Mahler Realty to the web. Allow easy access to property listings for both prospective renters and realtors.

Visit their website: www.mahlerrealtyinc.com
The Haunted Graveyard
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Flash Integration, Redesign

Company: The Haunted Graveyard is the Haunted House event hosted by Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT every year at Halloween.

Target: Horror-loving adults, Teen workers, and Brave children

Challenge: Immerse the web visitor into the horror world without making the website look cheesy or revealing too much of the scares in store.

Visit their website: www.hauntedgraveyard.com
Dupont Systems
Static Website, Flash Integration, Redesign

Company: Dupont Systems and Archives is a professional file storage company, specializing in sensitive data storage and the sale of data storage appliances, located in Southington, CT.

Target: Businesses with large record storage needs

Challenge: Redesign the website for a result that is as clean and orderly as Company's file storing systems.

Visit their website: www.dupontarchives.com
Static Website, Flash Integration, Redesign

Company: SinkWorks is a Pennsylvania company, specialing in unique custom sinks in everything from Ceramic to Marble.

Target: Upscale consumers and Home remodelers

Challenge: Redesign prior website to create a result that is more appealing, more professional, and allows easier and more informative access to products.

Visit their website: www.sinkworks.com
Norpaco Foods
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Flash Integration, Redesign

Target: Grocery stores and Food suppliers

Company: Norpaco is New Britain, Connecticut based company specializing in Italian gourmet food sales from Panini Rolls to their own unique Sweetypepp peppers.

Challenge: Redesign existing website for a result that better visually describes the food products offered, helping to deliver the appearance of taste.

Also, grant Company access to add and edit products while providing greater check-out functionality for the user and greater data processing ability for Company.

Visit their website: www.norpaco.com
Ross Brittain Report
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Flash Integration, Redesign

Company: The Ross Brittain Report website is a site dedicated to DJs, run by Ross Brittain of radio fame.

The site is host to customizable news and entertainment report that is shown behind a login and emailed out for DJs to use in their broadcasts that is generated by many editors in the website back end.

Target: Radio DJs

Challenge: Redesign the previous website to offer a more contemporary look while increasing functionality of report viewing and editing.

Visit their website: www.rbrepot.com

Dynamic Sites

Antigen Express
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration

Company: Antigen Express is a Massachusetts based company, dedicated to the development of vaccines for large, unmet medical needs.

Target: Medical community

Challenge: Create a more modern looking website while maintaining a medical feel. Make all website content easy to read and easy to access. Allow company to update news items.

Visit their website: www.antigenexpress.com
BBU Barter
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Redesign

Company: Barter Business Unlimited is a Bristol, CT company, offering barter services to companies across the US.

Users of their website can trade goods and services they have a surplus of for goods and services they need with other barter companies.

Target: Small and Medium business owners

Challenge: The primary request for this website was to make many elements such as sign-up, login, referral, tesimonials, and highlighted businesses accessible at a one-click glance without overwhelming the page and crowding their importance out.

Users of this website can quickly learn about barter, become a member, and access their account without having to sift through many pages.

Visit their website: www.bbubarter.com
Club Getaway
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Flash Slideshow

Company: Club Getaway is a whole-package weekend retreat in Kent, CT with offices in New York, NY. They offer outings for groups and indivduals including everything from sport adventures to cruises to wedding getaways.

Target: Active adults, Thrill-seekers, Engaged couples, Family vacationers, Singles, and groups such as Schools, Businesses, and Scouts...

Challenge: This website needed to immediately convey the concepts of "fun" and "action" without visually overloading the site viewer.

This effect is achieved with flowing curves and bright colors that playfully frame images, slideshows, and videos that the administrators at Club Getaway can change at any time.

Visit their website: www.clubgetaway.com
Sozo USA
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Dynamic Navigation, Redesign

Company: Sozo USA is a Unionville, CT based company, specializing in unqiue clothing for babies and toddlers - everything from Blankets and Rompers to Nap Sacks and Weeblocks.

Target: Mothers, Friends and relatives of mothers

Challenge: The initial Sozo site had a lot of picture-map style images that made navigation difficult at best and a Where's Waldo search at worst.

It also had category issues with items not quite fitting into the defined slots and buried 5 or 6 levels down in not entirely intuitive places.

The challenge then, was to revamp the category system in a way that made sense without letting any products fall through the cracks.

In the end, we built the framework for a category system, but programmed in the ability for the Sozo staff to add their own categories in their behind the scenes management area as their product line grew.

Visit their website: www.sozousa.com
Hospital of Central CT
Dynamic Website, Back-End Admin, Employment and Donation Management

Company: HCC is a multi-campus hospital located in Southington and New Brtain, CT, created out of the merger of Bradley Memorial Hospital and New Britain General Hospital.

Target: All CT residents with healthcare needs

Challenge: When Bradley Memorial Hospital merged with New Britain General Hospital, the newly created Hospital of Central CT came looking for a company to build their clean, open, accessible design with a lot of power and functionality behind it.

The site itself contains hundreds of informative pages, easily accessible through either a dynamic menu or a constant search box. Main way-points of the site are also static so a user can retrace their steps should they get lost.

Visit their website: www.thocc.org
Black-eyed Sally's
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Dynamic Events List, Redesign

Company: Black-eyed Sally's is a Hartford, CT restaurant featuring BBQ, Cajun, and Southern food with Blues and Jazz music to match. They are well-known for their Mardi Gras parties.

Target: Music lovers, Southern food enthusiasts, Families, Partiers

Challenge: Black-eyed Sally's restaurant boasts the twin goals of great music and great food. That needed to be conveyed on the new version of their website as in the past the site was mostly food-oriented.

They also wanted to display the maximum amount of commonly requested information at a glance and a look to match the interior redesign of the restaurant itself.

Visit their website: www.blackeyedsallys.com
Colony Remodeling
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Dynamic Gallery

Company: Colony Remodeling is an Enfield, CT based full service kitchen and bath remodeling service, specializing in cabinet refacing and storage area overhauls.

Target: Homeowners

Challenge: For Colony Remodeling, the site had to be clean, yet showcase large and complex images of remodeling work. We turned the entire site into a large portfolio with even the background displaying work well done.

Each dynamic interior gallery page is managed behind the public website so the work is constantly fresh.

Visit their website: www.colonyremodeling.com
CT Bankers Assoc.
Dynamic Website, Back-End Administration, Event Windows, Redesign

Company: The CCBA is a community group, connecting banks and bankers across Connecticut for social and information events and gatherings.

Target: CT Bankers

Challenge: The Connecticut Community Bankers Association is in a unique situation. The bank in charge of the group changes regularly.

They host regular events for their members and guests so as they torch and member information passes from one set of bank staff to the next, the information transfer must be seemless and the reservation process must remain the same even though a new group is handling it.

Visit their website: www.ctcba.com

Static Sites

Conversano Associates
Static Website

Company: Conversano is a New York based group of building and zoning consultants, representing clients from the Fire Department to the Department of Transportation.

Target: Municipal workers seeking professional building and zoning assistance

Challenge: The Conversano website needed to demonstrate who they are and what they do quickly though building codes and zoning are not the most graphically fruitful concepts.

Visit their website: www.conversanoassoc.com
CV Tool Company
Static Website

Company: CV Tool is a CT and MA based machine company, specializing in CNC milling and turning as well as precision grinding and jig bore work.

Target: Manufacturers

Challenge: The challenge in this one was displaying the concept of a machine shop prettily or more precisely, to give the idea of machines without actually showing machines at work as a machines that tend to be dirty do not lend well to a clean, fresh look.

Visit their website: www.cvtool.com
Wellspeak, Dugas & Kane
Static Website

Company: Wellspeak, Dugas, and Kane is a Cheshire, CT based firm, specializing in real estate appraisal and consulting.

Target: Businesses with upcoming real estate projects

Challenge: Wellspeak, Dugas, and Kane is a firm several specialties: real estate consulting, golf advisory services, and real estate valuation. Each principle has a different focus and while they are related, they are distinct entities.

Using an icon continuation, we attempted to craft the site with both the overall feel for real estate and the image of each specific section.

Visit their website: www.wdk95.com
Whippersnappers Gym
Static Website

Company: Whippersnappers is a Cheshire, CT activity gym for kids and young adults featuring programs from Drop & Hop to Cheerleading and Acrobatics.

Target: Parents of small children and pre-teens

Challenge: The goal of this web site was to create a design that is fun and playful while also being clean and clearly legible.

Visit their website: www.whippersnappersplaygym.net/
Chase Parkway Volvo
Static Website, Redesign

Company: Chase Parkway is a Watertown, CT car dealership, specializing and new and used Volvos and Subarus.

Target: Car owners and New buyers

Challenge: Often new clients will remark on the style of this website. It is bold and somewhat in-your-face without being cluttered or intimidating.

Immediately after a web user enters the site, their eyes are drawn toward the three main options: New Vehicles, Pre-Owned Vehicles, and Online Inquiries.

90% of the visitors to this site click into one of these clearly illustrated main goals to be transported directly to what they were looking for without expending any more effort than a mouse click.

Visit their website: www.chaseparkway.com
A & D Home Health
Static Website, Google Protocol

Company: A&D Home Health Solutions is a Connecticut based company with offices in Newington, Hamden, New London, and Danbury, who offers healthcare related services for elderly citizens such as in-home care, medication and nutrition management, and nursing home research services.

Target: Children of elderly parents, Relatives, Elderly adults

Challenge: A&D Home Health Solutions needed to appeal to users investigating nursing homes whether for themselves or others. The design is intentionally open and uncomplicated.

Visit their website: www.adhomehealtsolutions.com